USAID OIG Audit of USAID/Jordan’s Strengthening Family Planning Project

Report No. 6-278-14-005-P
January 22, 2014


The USAID Regional Inspector General (RIG)/Cairo conducted this audit as part of its fiscal year 2014 audit plan to determine whether USAID/Jordan’s Strengthening Family Planning Project is expanding access to and improving quality and use of family planning services.

Key Takeaways

Compliance-related findings and observations noted in the report relevant to the wider development community include:

  • The U.S.-based implementing partner maintained strict oversight of its subcontracts, including withholding payment to nonperformance, which the RIG found key to successful implementation
  • The RIG did focus on the partner’s subaward agreements, noting that required language in its agreements was not consistently applied and that mandatory clauses were omitted from subcontracts
  • The RIG found that due to lack of training and Agency turnover, the required entries into the USAID TrainNet system were not made by either the partner or Mission

From a compliance perspective, of course, audit findings around subaward management and oversight continue to be an area of high risk for an implementing partner. In light of the Government’s continuing focus on strong subaward oversight—as we’ve recently seen in the new OMB Uniform Guidance at 2 CFR Part 200—organizations are encouraged to maintain tight control around procurement and subaward processes, especially for organizations moving toward more decentralized Country Office business models.

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